Navy Seal Killed in Firefight


Hearing the news about a military death is never an easy thing for anyone involved, be it the American public or fellow service members. It is even worse when that member was lost during combat. Unfortunately that is the current situation this month. A United States Navy Seal was recently killed in a firefight against ISIS forces in Iraq. The Navy Seals were there attempting to assist the Kurdish Peshmerga troops who had already been fighting the ISIS militants for roughly an hour before service members arrived to assist and hopefully drive back the militants. It was during this firefight that the currently unnamed service member was shot and killed by small arms fire believed to be an AK-47 rifle.

This newest unfortunate death is not the first that has occurred within Iraq during this long and ongoing fight against the militants. This is actually the third American military death that has occurred in the ISIS fight in Iraq alone. The first death occurred back in October of 2015 when Delta Force Master Sgt. Josh Wheeler was killed during a fight. He was acting in a very commendable situation that is currently credited with freeing as many as 70 hostages. The second military personnel that was killed was U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin in March of 2016. He was killed in a rocket attack on a firebase.

This tragic death of a Navy Seal came shortly after more troops were recently deployed to both Iraq and Syria. These additional troops totaled about 450 which was approved by President Obama. The United States currently has the most troops dedicated to this fight with a little more than 4,000 troops dedicated to this cause. The country that follows is France with just 1,000 military personnel dedicated to the fight. All of the other countries that have dedicated any military to this fight have no more than 400 military members dedicated to this particular fight. The severe differences in numbers are hard to overlook.

Although this cause is undeniably a just cause, there does not seem to be an end in sight and higher ranking military do not see an end to the fight within this calendar year. The little bit of good news is that this most recent skirmish seems to have dealt a considerable blow to the militants. It is reported that the militants suffered a not inconsiderable amount of loss of fighters. Beyond the unfortunate loss of the American serviceman, there were several injuries among the Christian fighters as well as the Peshmerga troops.

While the news of the service member’s death is terrible news, it is good to hear that the militants suffered such a critical blow. It is also good to hear that the service members that were fighting alongside the still unnamed service member did not stop fighting until they began to run low on ammunition. This dedication is impressive and speaks well for our side during the rest of this long and drawn out ordeal.

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