Orlando Takes New Heightened Security Measures


The mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub that saw the death of 49 souls has been much in the news. In light of this recent nightclub shooting the city of Orlando has stepped up its security measures. They are also responding to a slightly less infamous recent incident in Santa Monica, California where police discovered a man hiding an assault rifle and explosives in his car. In that instance, the perpetrator admitted that he was on his way to a gay pride parade. At this time it is especially heightened for gay events.

During LGBT Pride events hundreds more Chicago policemen than usual will stand guard. There will be several different kinds of them present: officers in uniform, plain clothes officers, officers on bikes, and K-9 units. In addition, private security guards have been contracted to also guard the events and the popular local nightclubs. The FBI even sent agents to work with the police to cover the event. The local authorities actively encouraged people to make a statement that the community would stand tall against terrorism and hate crimes.

They want to show all such terrorist and haters that Orlando will not hide in fear. They hoped to bring something positive out of this very tragic event. Yes, they hoped…and will surely succeed. The events of the festivities particularly highlight the tragedy, having a collective moment of silence over the pictures of the victims at a memorial. City officials were quick to state that there were not any particular threats regarding the recent LGBT events, they were just being cautious because of the recent problems. This is not that unusual, however.

Every year the city and event planners review and update the security and other policies where necessary. One of the things updated this year was the return of a prohibition of open alcohol containers in public with a fine of $1,000 for doing so. The return of this policy was encouraged because the event has seen unruly drunk crowds in recent years. To the end of security measures, the event planners decided to encourage people not to use large bags and to use public transportation. Although there may not be any threats in Orlando at the moment, the police have cautioned citizens to remain on the alert to anything that might be considered suspicious.

But sometimes it takes a trained eye to notice a volatile situation. The Orlando police know this and therefore know that they must remain even more vigilant than the citizenship. All of this safety upgrade wasn’t entirely encouraged by the recent terrorist threats. The Orlando authorities have already for several months been improving their security precautions. The Pride Parade is currently scheduled to big at noon this Saturday. There are some residents of the area who are still a little leery of this event because of the recent terrorist shooting and threats.

These residents of the area have requested that the parade be held elsewhere. The event planners have made some changes to the parade for security reasons. This year it is only scheduled for 160 floats, down from 215 in 2015.